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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not an official update but Wa and I decided to explain ourselves about why the hiatus has gone on for sooooo long (a year and running). We must first apologize...we are terribly sorry that there hasn't been any update and yet you all continue to be so supportive...we must also say sorry and thank you to our host, Elizabeth for not giving up on us...Since last year when we started college, Wa and I have been DROWNING in school and swamped with homework...seeing as GW has slowed down quite a bit, updating would require us to take on new projects (such as building new sections as well as finish moving) which we just have not had the time for. During the summer, both of us were working and going to school and it has been a very difficult year for the two of us. I cannot guarantee as to when GWFT will get up and running again...I am hoping that during x'mas when I get my wisdom teeth removed, I will be at home moping and finally get cracking on this. Once again, we are terribly sorry for the hiatus. Please forgive us and don't give up on us!!!! We will eventually find time to update!!! Once again, we are absolutely grateful for your support and understanding. =3= *mwah* You all get cookies!

Some stuff are not up yet, but most of the main pages are up! So go check it out! (10.01.04)

After a long year of absent, Ai & Wa are finally back here on GWFT! We have to say thankyou to our nice host Elizabeth for hosting us at She has shown us that our hardworks and efforts that we've put into this site were not wasted. Thankyou Eliza we love you! Also, thankyou to those of you who continued to support GW! Without you, I don't think that this update would be possible. (10.01.04)

All the sections you see on the left are being edited and updated by Ai & Wa already. So if there were any broken links, it's gone now! We have to say that it was pain in the bum just to get everything done in such a short time. We hope you enjoy our updates and we love to hear your comments! In addition to the renew of the site, here are some updates! (10.01.04)

+Fanart+ 1 new by Wa, 3 new by Fei

+Oekaki+ 1 new oekaki

+Links+ 1 new couple link, 3 new others & a new link section

+Couple Gallery+ 3 new pictures

+Ai's Talking+ new entry

+Wa's Talking+ new entry

+We Don't Hate Relena+ 4 new points

+Guestbook+ want to sign our gb?

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Why Ai said that is because one Anti Relena page (I don't know which one, Ai found it) copied some of our defenses in +We don't hate Relena+ Page "Word for Word" and it makes Ai very angry!!! I understand that there's always some similar defenses for Relena in other sites, but please just don't copy word for word. Or don't let us find out!! Okay!! BYE BYE. ~Wa

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