Oekaki means online drawing, you draw the picture online using a mouse or a tablet.
Here's a oekaki board that Wa is using on her CG site. But you could draw GW
characters there if you draw. The board is in japanese though. Neway here are
some GW oekakies that I did.

My 1st oekaki Chibi Relena
My 2nd oekaki Heero
My 3rd oekaki on that day, Duo
Relena with a white dress
Chibi Quatre
Relena with green bg
Duo posing for the camera
Relena with sad expression
Heero stares in anger
Relena leaning on her arm
Heero sleeping
Relena smiles
Relena, b-day card for Kajika-san
Relena dresses up as Queen (Chritmas card)
Catherine smiling
Relena from Lost Prince From the Stars (Wa's fanfic)
Relena holding firework
Zechs topless
Heero with school uniform
Quatre smiling
Heero's nose bleeding...X3
Cool looking Heero
Heero x Relena
Heero x Relena in Snow
Heero for Melody
Trowa from who knows when
Relena with Clover
Noin with the glass slipper
Heero with white bg, one of Wa's fav

Those oekakies up there are drew on other ppls board.
There are also more GW oekakies on Wa's oekaki board, so if you want to see them
go to my board! *wink wink* haha jk. Hey I think that Ai had some GW oekaki too,
do ppl what to see it too?