We Don't Hate Relena

In this page, I want to talk about how come we
don't hate Relena. If you are a Relena hater, then
you should be reading this!!! I am not forcing you,
but at least read it, please!! ~Wa

Some people say that she is not fashionable:
My conclusion to that is that the GW series was published in the year 1995 and the unfashionable clothes she's wearing is fashionable in 1995, so you can't judge her by that. In addition, in the future when you look back, you might be the one who is not fashionable. Therefore don't say that about her.

She is crazy, she talks to the thin air:
In the cartoon, I think it's kind of weird too, but when I check out the official manga of GW "Episode Zero", I understand why. People who make cartoons always want to have some connection between the comic and the cartoon. That's what they are doing. However, I have to say that the comic scene was more natural than in the cartoon when Relena talked to no one. If you are saying that the comic came after the cartoon, then maybe that's the whole point of publishing that comic. It's to explain the unexplained parts!!

She is a stalker, she follows Heero around:
Didn't Heero follow her around too? Well that's negative times negative so it's equal to positive. Aren't satisfied? Do I have to count interest in too? The equivalent phrase would be 'the score is even'.
She is a girl and what do you expect her to do when someone just told her that he will destroy her. You will try to find out more about him too, right? Too bad Heero still likes her!!
There's some evidence on that point. However, let's not go into that right now. All I say is that Heero DID in fact follow her numerous times. How about to St. Gabriel Institute... to kill her, right? He also follows her to the Romefeller foundation when she gives her speech as Queen of the World. How about in Endless Waltz, at the end when he stakes her out while she gives a speech as the Vice Foreign Minister? During none of those times did she invite him!

She is a hypocrite:
She is NOT a hypocrite. Shooting Lady Une was before she considered herself a Peacecraft. She did not support Pacifism just yet! That's why they are having another continuation of GW " Endless Waltz". In EW she explains that she is not a Peacecraft anymore that's why she told others that peace...

She's flat-chested:
You mean you have a big chest? Or you've measured her's? (OOOkay! That was just Wa, isn't she such a comedian? Back to the subject.) Well, hello people! She's just 15! Then you say: So? What that means is that she is just hitting puberty and just started developing. Be more pratical people! Anyway, chest size is not a good reason to hate someone. If you're a girl, don't you know how it feels to be judged like that? To guys, no offence but you are PERVERTS! How would you like it if girls judged you by the same way, huh? I close my case.

I just hate her!:
Hello! What the hell was that? At least the best you can do is to give a reason to hate the poor girl! I mean I can't just go up to anyone and say I HATE YOU (nothing personal there). There's always a reason for every choice and every decision! And yes, I HAVE seen that comment on the World Wide Web, I'm NOT just making it up.

She's ugly:
Ok...have any of you ever heard of the expression "Never judge a book by its cover"??? That applies to people too! Inside, she's a caring and intelligent girl (She is leading the whole world through the path to peace). She's just ugly in your opinion. Well, it just depends on the artist. For example, she looked quite pretty in Episode Zero and I can assure you that in the anime, she is prettier than a big portion of you. Okay, sorry about that if it sounded rude. Anyway, what I really meant was that not everyone is perfect looking. No one's perfect, not even the artists of GW. But she looks ok in some shots. Anyway, some people say: 'I hate looking at ugly pictures.' Well, I agree a part of enjoying the anime is the art. However, do you choose friends based on looks? So you won't befriend anyone who is ugly? Why hate someone just for that? Would you kindly shut your mouth and open up your mind? Thanks.

She's Stupid:
Right here, right now, I can tell you she's much smarter than the most of us when we were (will be) her age. She's entered the world of politics at the age of 15!!! Something that the average teenager cannot do! She's also capable of making sophisticated and meaningful speeches that you and I can't even think of with our present intelligence. Sure, her actions may not always be the smartest, but who doesn't act on impulse at least once? No one is perfect, including Relena, nor is Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa or Wufei perfect. Anyone rarely comments on their imperfection. Overall though, she really is quite intelligent for a fifteen year old. Doesn't being a Vice Foreign Minister require at least a bit of intelligence? Does leading a whole nation and possibly the whole world not need some brains? Does maintaining peace not require being the least bit smart? Please, unless you're a genius with an IQ of 300, back off!

Most evidence about Heero and Relena are found in mangas, not the anime:
Does it matter? An official manga is approved by the ORIGINAL creators of Gundam Wing, not the guy who directed the anime. I find it unfair that mangas are considered minorities compared to the anime. It's just becuase many were doujinshis drawn after the anime before becoming official mangas. Then may I ask you all one question? The anime was based on the original 3 mangas. The anime does not follow the 3 mangas for every single detail. Does that mean the anime is also unreliable? It's really hard to say what really happened and what didn't.

She's a whore:
Do any of you know what the word 'whore' means? She is in no way, wearing skimpy clothing or being seductive. She's quite conservative by manner and dressing protocol. How did anyone come up with that?

Pacifism just doesn't work:
Yup, it may not in reality, but it's a nice ideal to have. Doesn't anyone have dreams... some that may not actually come true? We, as humans, have improved greatly. We haven't had any World Wars anymore. The first step to peace IS to discard all weapons. Although it takes more than that, it is certainly the very first step needed. What does pacifism have to do with hating someone? I certainly do NOT hate someone for what they believe in.

"Heero!" That's all she says:
I agree, she says that a lot! Doesn't Heero say "Relena" numerous times too though? (Although not as much times) For example, he did not have to murmur her name and see her image before fainting after his experiece with the Zero system. Why didn't he see Duo or Quatre, Trowa or Wufei or anyone else? If Heero really thinks of Relena as an annoying stalking bitch and doesn't give a damn about her, then why did he go through so much trouble just to rescue her 'sorry ass'? Why did her rescue her that night at St. Gabriel Institute? She was definately not important to his mission then, or to the world for that fact. Why did he rescue her when she was imprisoned on the Libra. Wasn't his main priority to stop the war first? When Zechs asked Heero why didn't he kill him, why did Heero answer 'Relena would be sad'? He didn't have to consider her feelings if he thought so badly of her.

She just sits around and does nothing:
One thing. If she sits around and does nothing, why would peace be threatened if she was to have disappeared or to have been killed? Think about it. Maintaining peace does not only require soldiers to keep rebellions at bay and to put an end to war, but it also needs a leader to guide the world towards that direction. Those two forces need to work together to achieve peace.

She yells off the cliff when no one is around to hear:
What's the point of her yelling to Heero for him to come kill her? It's a mystery but we do have speculations. I feel that she's accepting her fate. She feels that if Heero feels that it's necessary for her to die, and that it'd be better for the world, then she's willing to accept her fate. It's all symbolic, she doesn't expect Heero to be able to hear her. Another point is that that she told Heero that if she could sacrifice herself so that he wouldn't have to kill anymore, that she'd be his last victim, then she would be willing to do it in order to free him and she's kind of confirming her promise to God.

Heero only loves Relena's ideal & what she stands for not HER:
He admires her and even says that he thinks she's stronger than him. And if he only admired peace, then he didn't have to necessarily direct his admiration to her. So many other people could represent peace, so why did he turn to her. If he loves her ideals, then that bascially means he loves her. Since her ideals reflect who she is, the things she does and her personality. Although he doesn't always agree with her, he's come to appreciate her for who she's become.

Heero thinks she is annoying:
He only finds it annoying because Relena interferes with what he's used to. She triggers something inside of him that he never knew existed and doesn't know how to deal with. For instance, he wasn't able to kill her and actually saved her at St. Gabriel's Institute, and that frustrated him because it had never happened before.

She always expects Heero to save her:
I also disagree that she feels that Heero will do her no harm. She knows he has the ability to kill her and that he'd do if it he deemed it necessary. As I mentioned before, she accepted her fate, like when he was about to shoot at her while she was giving a speech at Romefeller as the Queen of the World. I would say she was surprised that he didn't pull the trigger. Also, I feel that Heero doesn't do all the saving...Relena also saves Heero from his own inner demons. It's a mutual thing.

We just gave you people a hell lot of reasons as to why you shouldn't hate her. Dislike her maybe, but why be a hater. *Then people say, why be a supporter?* I may be a supporter, but I'm not an obsessor/lover. I'm not in the extreme like that...just like hating is extreme. If you got more reasons, e-mail us and we'll try to post our arguments. Thanks for your patience and openmindness and of course thanks for reading! Friendly argument accepted but No intense flames please. ~AI


I've noticed someone using our arguments word for word without our knowledge and permission. I ask that before you use any content on this site, please ask first. You should counter our thoughts by e-mailing us, not dissing us on your site! Also, we both have watched the original Japanese version and the English dubbed version. We may sound overly excited, but if so, we're not. We're much more calm then some crazed fans/haters out there. Please don't be rude. And please take note of our simple request. Thank you. ~ Ai

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