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Intro to our Fanfart section!
Welcome to our fanart section where we proudly present you with over 100 pieces of GW fanarts! We are very glad that we have such a big collection. Please feel free to look around, however please do not take anything without permission, or else you are going to hurt Wa & Ai's feeling.
Steps for submitting fanart/doujinshi/oekaki
• Name / Pen name
• Email
• URL (if applicable)
• maxium 150 kb (or else we are resizing it)
• maxium 250 kb for doujinshi
• maxium 3 attachments per email
• send it to
Rules for submitting fanart/doujinshi/oekaki
• no yaoi/yuri
• no intense lime & lemon
• no incest
• control the nudity content
• must be GW fanart/doujinshi/oekaki
• must be drawn (no editing on a org anime/manga pic)
• must be your own fanart/doujinshi/oekaki
• please be a good fanart/doujinshi/oekaki