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2002 Fanart Contest

Intro to our Fanwork section!
Hello, this is the GWFT fanwork section, in here you can find GW fanfic, songfic, doujinshi, oekaki and more than 80 pieces of GW fanart done by fans. If you want to submit a fanfic/songfic please read the steps and rules below. If you want to submit fanart/doujinshi/oekaki please go to the main fanart page to see the rules and steps, thankyou very much for reading. We hope you enjoy the collections we have here!
Steps for submitting fanfic/songfic
• Name / Pen name
• Email
• URL (if applicable)
• Title of your fanfic
• Summary of your fanfic(or we write one for you)
• save as .html file
• maxium 3 attachments per email
• send it to
Rules for submitting fanfic/songfic
• no yaoi/yuri
• no intense lime & lemon
• no incest
• must be GW fanfic (crossover read the next line)
• If you have a crossover fanfic, be sure that it relates to GW mostly or else we won't accept it. We don't want to be rude but this is after all a GW site.

• Sorry about the strict rules, but a lot of people come here, including children. So please control the content; other than those criterias, feel free to let your imaginatiton soar! Sorry for any inconvenience.
Webmistresses' Humble Request
Wa: If you can, don't let anyone die in the stories, because it is too sad, I will cry~! Btw thankyou for having patience reading this long page, if you read till here that means you really care for our site ~(= 3=)/ ~ <3

Ai: What?! How can you say that? I like touching stories...well, it's so...touching! Everyone, just ignore Wa because she does not know what she's saying! Arigato! ^_~