Read Me: Warning

I'm sure that you hate to read this kind of stuff, because you probably
read this somewhere else already. But NO, this is different, so please
read this before you enter the link page.

Here is to explain why we don't want you to steal japanese artists'
artwork. From Wa's information, GW japanese artists earn money from
selling their doujinshi or their artwork. They need to pay for their
domain and stuff, so please don't steal their artwork and post them
up. If you want them to trust us, please don't. (or else you will
hurt Wa's and Ai's feeling)

Another thing that you should watch out is don't ask them permission
for posting up their artwork, because they will say no or not reply.
Also, please don't copy the japanese that Wa wrote on the Link
page for your own sake, because there are so MANY grammar mistake

Okay, let us repeat ourselves again, please don't steal from them or else
we would have to take the links down. Thanks for reading this
note, now you can go and visit!!