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This is a "MUST GO' why? Because it's Wa's CG site! Wa has put all of her other cg drawing there, including HP, Kenshin, FF, Org and her online manga! Anyone, who are interested in coming to my Oekaki BBS and draw? hehe.
Another "MUST GO"! Because it's Ai's personal site! It may not be as big and awesome as Wa's site, but it would make Ai really happy if someone would just drop by. It has some drawings, a diary and in the future, writing.
This is Wa's Naruto Fanfic site for Alternate Pairings. She's put a lot of heart in it so there's a lot of stuff from fanfic, fanart, links to a NejiSaku corner!
Wa's shrine dedicated to Kakashi of Naruto! There's lots of info, analysis, links, as well as media so go check it out even if you're not a Naruto fan. You'll learn a lot!

Last update: Aug 21.04
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