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Note: Please do not steal any thing or fanart from this page!!!
The artists have the copyright of their fanart. And if you do you would hurt
Wa and Ai's feelings!!

These are Gundam Wing fanart Christmas card that Wa made for you!
Go ahead and take them!! You can post them up on your site,
but please give credit for this site! Also, if you want to post them
up can you inform us before you do? Because we want to know, so sometime
we can visit your site too! Thankyou and enjoy your Christmas!

Christmas gifts for u!
On the first day of Christmas Heero gets a toy gun
On the second day of Christmas Duo gets a 002model figure
On the third day of Christmas Trowa gets a ........??
On the forth day of Christmas Quatre gets a set of toy tea set
On the fivth day of Christmas Wufei gets a five different colour
lighting toy sword
And Princess Relena gets a Polar Teddy Bear.