Character Sketches

Code name: Heero Yuy
Age: 15 (based on series)
Ethnicity: Japanese
Place of Origin: L1
Mecha: Wing Gundam, Wing Zero
Personality: suicidal, emotionless, courageous
Our favourite quotes: "Life is cheap.", "I will destroy you.", "I will survive!"
The first pilot to be discovered.
Heero was taken into the care of an assasin called Odin Lowe, who had killed the real Heero Yuy on a mission. Later on in the story, Odin's adopted son supposedly takes on his name. It was Odin who had told young Heero to 'act on his emotions'. After Odin died, Heero met Dr.J and he asked Heero to pilot the Wing Gundam. So the Opertation:Meteor begins.
Name: Relena Darlian, Relena Peacecraft
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Northern European
Place of Origin: Cinq Kingdom, Planet Earth
Personality: peaceful, independent, friendly
Our favourite quotes: "Dictators are the only ones who sacrifice lives!", " I don't care if I'm destroyed."
Titles held: Queen of the World, Chief Representative of the Cinq Kingdom, Vice Foreign Minister of the E.S.U.N.
When Relena was 11 yrs old, she was a very quiet person like Heero. However after she met an orphan who 'looked like' Heero, she took on an interest in this orphan who was very similar to her. However, at that time, she did have a chance to personally introduce herself to him and didn't have the courage to stop the discrimination around him. She regrets her hesitation later on. That's why she's not afraid of initiating conversations with others anymore. It will also help her with her ideals of pasficm later on.
Name: Duo Maxwell
Age: 15
Ethnicity: American
Place of Origin: L2
Mecha: Deathscythe, Deathscythe-Hell
Personality: outgoing, funny, happy
Our favourite quote: I'll smash it into smitherines!"
The second to be discovered.
Duo's life wasn't at its best during his childhood. He lived poor with other homeless children and would often have to steal in order to survive. Finally, a kind old priest took him in to a church. This was where Duo spent the rest of his childhood in happiness. There, he started braiding his hair and wearing his present attire. However, when the war between the alliance and colonies started, the church was destroyed and the kind priest and sister were killed. Duo took the name of the church, Maxwell, as his last name and vowed revenge for the place that provided him kindness. Later on, he stows away on the ship. That action brought him upon his Gundam, Deathscythe
Code name: Trowa Barton
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Origin: L3
Mecha: Heavyarms
Personality: quiet, mysterious
Our favourite quote: "Anyone who lays eyes
on a Gundam, shall not live to tell about it."
The third gundam pilot to be discovered.
When he was only a mere toddler, Trowa had been separated from his family. He finally joined a resistance group in the colonies at a young age. He was known as No-Name or 'Nanashi' because he had lost his family at such a young age that he was never aware of his real name. At that time, he met a girl by the name of Midii Une. From her, he unexpectedly found out and learnt many things. Finally as the resistance group fell apart, he went off on his own. He eventually came across his destined fate and took the name of Trowa Barton, as the real man was killed by his own comrades.
Name: Quatre Raberba Winner
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Arabian
Place of Origin: L4
Mecha: Sandrock
Personality: Friendly, kind, generous, intelligent
Our favourite quote; "I'm your friend."
The fourth one to be found.
Quatre was the only son of the well known Winner Family. Right from the start, he was told that he was a test tube baby like the rest of his 29 sisters. The reason was so that young Quatre would never feel the guilt that his own mother died of childbirth. The fact that he was supposedly motherless brought about a snobbish attitude. Until one fateful day when he meets the Maguanacs...that was the day that changed his goals in life and directed his attitude to a different light. From then on, his true self was exposed, revealing the Quatre that we see today. Eventually, along his path, he too meets his Gundam Sandrock.
Name: Wufei Chang
Ethnicity: Chinese
Place of Origin: L5
Mecha: Shen Long (Nataku), Altron
Personality: Stubborn, self-centered (kind of)
Our favourite quote: "I fight in the name of justice."
The last one to be discovered.
Wufei, actually used to be an inteligent scholar, bethrothed to the strongest of the Dragon clan at the young age of 14. He and his wife, Meiran, never got along. It was that one day that he came upon the scientist who paired him up with the Gundam Shenlong. Not long after meeting him did Meiran engage in a battle in mobile suit unsuitable for her. Nevertheless, she went in the name of justice. Wufei went in his unarmed Shenlong to save his wife. However, Meiran ended up taking a blow for him. Before her death, she asked him to refer to her as 'Nataku' rather than Meiran. From that day on, he fought the world in the name of justice and in the memory of his brave wife, 'Nataku'.

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