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This is our most recent section added that's dedicated to broken links or closed sites that we've found in our lists. If your site's URL has changed or you've reopened your site, and you've previously had your link added to our list, please check below and inform us so that we can make appropriate updates! Thanks!!

Couple Links = 5 Info
The site is dedicated to the princess and the soldier. It has a fancy layout like Transparent Wing and Misuteriasu Ai.
Destined Hearts has a big link page too!!! The page effect is very beautiful. Well it has fanfictions, proofs, games and etc. It's a good idea to look around. NEW URL!!
Heero and Relena Undying Love Make sure you visit the Gallery!! Has many Doujinshi scans.
It's very pink but has a very cool layout! Why don't you just go visit it and find out more about this awesome site?!
Shadows in Darkness This site would not be updated anymore, but is still open for visitors. Contains a lot of Doujinshi scans!!! Now CLOSED.
Fanwork Links = 10 Info
Has a storage of GW fanfic, it's a good idea to take a look around.
Ironic Paradise included fanfictions, fanart, gallery and other stuff from Gundam Wing. (The banner is really cool eh! Wa wishes she could have something like that too~)
The Perfect Soldier...and The Peaceful Princess This page contains fanfictions, a Heero and Relena gallery, links and a Poll! It's a webmaster that's hosting this site.
Angel Maxwell Angel Maxwell usually draws beautiful fanart from fanfics, especially the fanfic about ballerinas that Ai is crazy about. It's a collection of fanarts by Angel Maxwell, go and take a look!
A site of a little cute collection of the webmistress's GW fanarts.
Gundam Paradise Cool GW fanart; however, contains 3x4 so think before you go there!
Le Jardin Le Jardin not only has GW fanart, it also has lots of beautiful landscape art, nature drawings and org drawings done by Kristy! Go and check it out!
Rufi's cg and fanart page. Contains GW fanart and Harry Potter fanart. Oekaki BBS and BBS!
Karla's (Karl) fanart and cg site. Contains her beautiful drawings! Also has a ff and Harry Potter fanart section! This site is in English and Chinese!
Xixi's GW fanart site, contains some yaoi! But her artwork is very amazing!
General Links = 9 Info
Anipike has almost most of the links to Japanese anime. There are lists of GW sites, so if want to find more GW links, go there!
This site is just amazing, they have all this information and misc on Gundam Wing. There all versions of GW's midi there! The layout is really cool too! Go and see for yourself!
Duo Lovers This is a Duo by Allison! She luffs Duo (Who doesn't??) Go there and take a look if you are obsessed with Duo!
This site not only has information on Gundam Wing, also has info about other Gundam series!
This site has a lot of stuff, lots and lots of stuff, but there may be some yaoi in it.
Gundam Official Official site of Gundam, you can find the GW page there too, haha Wa can only say that it's really fun to visit!LOLOLOL!
News and other cool information on Gundam Wing. This site has everything about GW, you must go and take a look!
Cool layout, lots of information and there are rare pictures from Gundam Wing, go and take a look!
Non Yaoi and Pro Relena, has cute animation gifts.
Japanese Links = 1 Info
Web by:Akane Kitachi. Very calm and peaceful artwork from Little Tea House.
Pro-Relena Links = 1 Info
Angel Relena This page layout is really cool. Therefore, it may take a while for your computer to load it. Also this page talks about Relena pairing with different GW pilots.
Material Links = 1 Info
Very green materials, and there are different seasons to choose from! Very good!

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