Wa's GW Fanart 2
Single Character & Others
Tie Noin at the age of 22 White Roses inspired from the image in Glay's new Album, thanks for 7000 hits (Nov 23) From our fanart Lost Prince From the Star, Relena at Chapter 3. Wanna see how Heero will look in this style of clothing so I suddenly drew him. But his body looks twisted.(April 19)
Fairy Tale Hilde Listen to the Ocean Duo and Me Relena and Pooh-san Forget
Toy Princess Quatre with book Bird Run Ocean Redo Heero Bench
Rainy Day Grass Looking Unicorn Heero Green Earth
Bears from Heero Shinigami Heero Scan Quatre playing Violin Green Field Heero Side
Quatre Wufei Duo Heero Trowa Relena with Umbrella
Bike Relena & Dorothy School Flower Four Leaf Clover Window Princess Relena and the 5 GW Pilots

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