Fanart from Fanfic

The fanfic is wrote by Angel of Ice (we post up her story already) Wa loves her story is I drew a one page doujinshi of her story! I'm very glad to know that you like it Angel of Ice! Well I hope you all enjoy it too! P.S. I think you need to read the story before you understand the whole concept of this Doujinshi. Don't worry it won't take you long to read it because it's just a one part fanfic!
Fanart for my Fanfiction To The Heart Beats
Relena Profile Relena Colony Noin & Zechs Bike Relena & Dorothy
Fanart for Endless Rain
Bike Relena & Dorothy Bike Relena & Dorothy
Fanart & Dj for Modern Love
Bike Relena & Dorothy Bike Relena & Dorothy
Well if you've notice me and AI don't have a fanfiction call Modern Love. Well just to let you know that I have the idea already but it's just a matter of time that I'm going to type it up, because me and Ai are working in To The Heart Beats right now. Therefore this fanfiction would come out soon. Anyway here's the Doujinshi! If you want to know how I did it just read the Wa's talking page okay!!(Oct 17.01)

Wa's GW Sketch

Quatre's hand
Heero's hand