Accessories page
Hey this is a new page for you to see some accessories or stuff
from Gundam Wing that you can buy. All of the pictures below are scans from
magazine, so please don't steal them. Anyway, Wa and Ai really want to collect
all of them. But unfortuatelly we don't know where to buy it. We found all
those pictures in a Chinese Magazine from our friend so maybe you
have to go to JP, HK or TW to find it. Well JP, of course they'll have it.
But TW they have many Gundam Wing stuff. Okay enjoy.

Click the picture to see the org size.
These are clips. I know, the picture is very blury, so can you guess who is who...(it's in order anyway..) (w_w' )>
Gundam Wing pencil case! Cool!
Now this is what Wa wants badly. A Gundam Wing white-out. And you got the five pilot's face on it!!
And lastly a Gundam WIng CD bag... is that what you call it. I think I saw one before on a online store but the character on the bag is chibi. (P.S. The picture looks weird because of my scanner sorry...)

Well what do you think? There's more Gundam WIng stuff
on that magazine but I think these are the one's that really special. The
other ones are Mouse pad, trading cards and post cards. Which you can find in
some Gundam Wing information sites. Okay then, if you find out where to
buy those please contact Wa and Ai!! Thanks, Ja ne!!